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Brother Charlie Rose? Brother Kevin Spacey? Brother Lewis CK? Next Step: Join the Monastery?

An invitation to become a monk to Charlie Rose, Lewis CK, Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, Donald Trump and the more than 30 other jerks who have recently been exposed as sexual predators, and/or grown men with …

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Which is More Private: Sex, Religion or Money?

I would suggest for most of us we keep our money lives more private than either sex or religion. We also keep our sex lives private, of course and our religious understanding is shared mostly with family and fellow travelers. …

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Every Home a Sanctuary

I recently published this on the New Buddhist Methodist Church site. Thought I’d publish it here, too: The Quakers sent me a neat poster this week with the words, “Sanctuary Everywhere.” Made me think I wanted to hang it in …

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