A Tax on Sunshine and Clean Living?

As a monk, I find myself disturbed a bit by our minority president’s  recently imposed tariffs on solar panels and washing machines. It feels like the Lord of the Manor in his castle on the hill has had his henchmen build a new wall around our lands trying to keep the outside world from coming in.

As a monk, my basic aim is to keep  peace in the land, starting with my own inner land. This inner disturbance at the latest actions of the Lord of the Manner causes me to question both myself and the Lord.

The first thought that arises is that maybe I’ll go into the solar panel and washing machine smuggling business, become a monk smuggler.  That could be fun, and profitable. This latest tariff opens up such a possibility.

I’ll hold that thought for a bit, maybe come back to it later.

The second thought that comes to mind is that the tide of the ever-more globalized world economy—including the international exchange of solar panels and washing machines— will continue to rise with or without this Lord’s new seawall. (Pardon the mixed and awkward metaphors.)

It strikes me that the panels and machines originally intended for our shores will continue to be produced but find their way to South America, Africa., Europe, other parts of Asia. So be it. Solar panels and washing machines are good things. Other economies—other people– will benefit, as The Manor Lord cuts off his own people from sunshine and clean living.

We ARE a one world economy, because we are one humanity. The globalization that has been naturally occurring over the past 50, 100, 200 years will continue, and with such globalization increased living standards for more and more people, less poverty, less disease, less violence and heartache.

As a monk, it helps me return to peace to see the larger picture here, remind myself of the larger harmony ever unfolding.

And just because I’m a monk doesn’t mean I can’t be a little sarcastic on occasion.


I have a little more peace now, a few more grins.  Not a lot more peace, but a little.  And some days, that’s all you can muster.  So maybe now I’ll go take a walk and bask in this wonderful January sunshine, freely beaming.


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