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  1. victoria Knox says:

    Hi Bear,

    I love your website. Thanks so much for posting the rules to the Happiness game.

    I’m writing because I would like to find out what ever happened to Dr. Christian Almayrac. A friend of mine has a video of a workshop he did in 1992, Estes Park, Colorado and we so appreciate his message.

    Do you have any info on where he is now? Or where we can find anymore recordings of his workshops or teachings? He really did explain the “Happiness Game” well, but he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth after that.

    Any clues you may have would be appreciated.

    Also, my friend and I really enjoyed your book “Practicing the Presence of Peace.”

    all the best,


  2. Bear Gebhardt says:

    Hello Victoria— thank you for your kind words about Practicing the Presence and the Heart Mountain website (which I hardly ever update!)
    Yes, Christian did us all a great life-favor when he came and shared his BeHappy Game. It has made a huge difference in my own life, and my family’s life, and the lives of friends and colleagues and clients. I have written six books pretty much based on the foundation that he laid.
    Alas, I have not heard from him or talked with him in many years. I did/do have an old e-mail address… but have not had any response from this. A friend of mine visited him in southern France seven or eight years ago, and said he and his family were blossoming (as might be expected.) I do happen to have some old tapes of meetings from his time here, but have not (at least as of yet) transferred them to disks. It would be nice to do that, and hear him again. You say you have a friend who has a video of the Estes Park meeting? My friend Stephen John attended the Estes Park meeting, and then told me I had to go hear this “Dr. Happiness” fellow. It would be interesting to see that video.
    Where are you located? As you might know, I live in Fort Collins, CO. Wouldn’t it be fun to put together an on-line “BeHappy” community to share how his work has influenced our lives over the years?
    Let’s stay in touch. I would be interested in how you practice Be Happy after all these years. (BTW, In various books I have re-named “Be Happy” to “The Enlightenment Exercise,” The French Technique, “The Freedom Exercise, ” etc. And have played around a LOT with various applications of it. As far as “BeHappy,” my wife put it quite well: “I know it’s true. I just wish it didn’t sound so corny!”)
    Be well… in joy— Bear

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