How to Stop Smoking in 15 Easy Years

  Yay, it’s here!
  After threatening to write this book for many decades, How to Stop Smoking in 15 Easy Years— A Slacker’s Guide to Final Freedom arrived on my doorstep this week. Twenty copies!

  I’m tickled with this book. In all humility, I know it’s different, and easier and fresher and funner than any other stop smoking book on the market. (I think I’ve read them all.) I’m also tickled with it because I know it works. My friends and clients tell me so.
  My publisher says I should give away these first twenty copies to people who might write a review on Amazon (or for the New York Times! Or who are simply willing to tell their friends.) I’m happy to do that. I’d also be happy to give away a few copies to anybody who actually needs a copy to dissolve their own smoking addiction, and truly can’t afford the low cost Amazon and/or Kindle price tag. So if you fit into any of those categories, e-mail me here: I’ll get a copy to you soon.

  I’m tickled. It’s here. Let the fun begin.
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  1. bobo says:

    Great! I’ll get a copy for my wife.

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