Cowboy Satsang, Unity Church and the $4.00 Movie:

Towards Building an Infrastructure for Non-Duel Meet-ups

Went to a satsang last night at our local Unity Church.  (“Satsang at Unity”: A promising combo, yes?) Alas, I guess I have too much cowboy in me, or cranky old geezer or new millennium artist to go along with …

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The Cheshire Cat as Monk or Nun

The Basic Renunciation +++At Heart Mountain Monastery our basic “renunciation practice” is to renounce crabbiness, unhappiness, worry, ill-at-ease-ness. We intuit that the ideal daily life of a contemporary monk or a nun is a life of joy, of peace and …

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Lately, I’ve been happy being a monk. In fact, when telemarketers call, and start in on their spiel, I often politely interrupt and tell  the economically enslaved person on the other end of the line,  “Sorry, friend, we are monks and …

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