The Basics

The Basic Peace Practice


1.  The most practical and most profitable thing we can do for ourselves and all those around us is to practice peace of mind, in every relationship, and every circumstance.



2. We practice peace of mind when we are at peace with the stories we are telling ourselves or others. 


3. Whenever necessary or appropriate we ask, “Am I at peace with this story, yes or no?”  If the answer isn’t an immediate and spontaneous yes, it’s a no. 


4. If the answer is yes (I’m at peace with the story I’m telling myself or someone else) perfect. I’m practicing peace of mind. If the answer is no (I’m not at peace with the story I’m telling) then in order to practice peace of mind I have two options:       


            a. drop the stories I’m not at peace with and find or create stories with which I am more at peace.


            b. choose to be at peace with the story with which a moment before I was not at peace.


      Peace is present prior to the stories that the mind is telling. Peace, not the stories, is what is most practical and profitable in every circumstance and every relationship.  

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