The New Buddhist Methodist Church

The idea of a monastery without walls, peopled with artists who are also monks and nuns–is a little too much for some folks. So an easier, more familiar metaphor,  yet still something new for our time and place, is The New Buddhist Methodist Church.  (In this church we share the  “methods” we have found– including the method of no method–  that inspire us to live happier, more peaceable, more productive lives, e.g., closer to God, to Presence, to Source, living in and as the Buddha mind.)

George Lucas, of Star Wars fame, considers himself a Buddhist Methodist, though he probably has no idea that we exist.  Lots of us who grew up in o ne tradition and then evolved find the “Buddhist Methodist” label works pretty good (as far as labels go, which is not very far.)

Many of the same folks who devote time and energy to Heart Mountain Monastery also devote time and energy to the New Buddhist Methodist Church, though some folks prefer one or the other, resonate better with one or the other.  You don’t have to choose between the two. Just follow your curiosity, which is one of the best methods of all! Here’s the link for “The New Buddhist Methodist Church.”

In peace =— bjg

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