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First and foremost we are artists, creators, imagination adventurers.  And then in our ordinary lives we are monks and nuns — which means lovers, followers and practitioners of  the non-dual reality. We practice non-duality, as best we can, using many different methods (see “Our Monastic Arts and Methods”)  including the “method of no-method.” We are a tolerant, easy-going bunch here at Heart Mountain Monastery.

Why Monastery?

As artists, as monks and nuns, we have, for the most part, lost faith in gaining the satisfactions derived from the “rewards” of attaining worldly fame and fortune. Many of us have experienced such rewards, to one degree or another, and have found them wanting. We discovered that fame and fortune are no guarantee of peace of mind, of a happy lifestyle, of genuine service to our fellow beings here on earth. Indeed, sometimes fame or fortune– or more often the unrelenting quest for fame and fortune– often inhibit peace of mind, a happy lifestyle, and genuine service to our fellow beings. And such a quest also often interferes, or dampens,our basic urge toward finer art.

Yes of course, we are all daily tempted by fame and fortune. And yet . . .

As artists, as monks and nuns, we sense that the process of creating something beautiful  is even more meaningful than the end result of fame and fortune.  We may be creating a beautiful  space, or book, or garden or sculpture, or a breakfast or business relationship– the mediums of art are uncountable. The one non-dual reality cradles them all.

Nevertheless, if fame and fortune should come our way because of what we have created, that’s gravy. That’s a bonus we will deal with (either well or not.) The meat and potatoes of being a monk or nun associated with Heart Mountain Monastery is bringing peace and joy to our own portion of the earth ( the monastery without walls) and regularly creating, and sharing, something beautiful, be it large or small.

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