Who We Are

   Heart Mountain Monastery (HMM) was started by a few very ordinary men over 30 years ago. We met for many many, years almost every Sunday morning, and often in the weekday evenings, in our homes and sometimes in various hiking areas in Northern Colorado to discuss meditation, our various spiritual teachers and what it meant to live a consistently authentic spiritual life while simultaneously being “family men” working in the world. 

    Over the years our community naturally expanded to include women. What primarily brought us together was our attraction to various teachers of non-duality. It wasn’t long before we discovered that the word “monk,” means solitary, or alone, and thus in fact a word pointing to the One (non-dual, not two, advaita.) . A monk is one who is in the process of recognizing ever more deeply the One.  And “Nun” comes from “nonnus” which is the feminine form of “monk.” Together, as monks and nuns, we were/are living the one life that is here. . 

   Over the years, as we sought to understand the personal dynamics of non-duality, we continued to find more and more teachers to guide us along the way, and more and more “monks and nuns” who were similarly interested in this unfolding. We currently have informal “connections/practitioners” on both coasts and in the Great Lakes area and in Europe and Asia.. Only recently have we begun reaching out via the web to offer/invite a “virtual” monastic community of like-minded folks. 

     Although we have accumulated over 30 years worth of material and pointers to guide and enliven our daily walk, we are just now sharing this material on the web and reaching out for other like-minded pilgrims. If you would like to help develop and articulate this community, or simply participate,  we invite you to do so in whatever way you are moved. Please contact us, and let us know you are there, here, on this One path. We may squabble, we may party together, we may disagree, but we are, after all, brothers and sisters of the same parent! For this, we are dumbfounded, and grateful. firenze-ceiling-roof-603873-l

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