Pilgrimage with the Abbot

The Abbot and his wife and I and my wife will soon (August 9th) be off on a five week pilgrimage to monasteries and holy places in England and Scotland. If you want to subscribe to my journal for his venture (who knows what it will be?) sign up here.

Travel is what old folks are supposed to do, at least in their “early old folks” stage,” if not later. (“Old folks” being those who qualify for medicare. So the Abbot’s wife does not qualify, the other three of us do.)

I like the  “pilgrimage” notion, since in general I’d prefer to stay home, sit by my zen garden, not exert the mental, emotional and physical energy it takes to get out of town. Somehow, though, this pilgrimage appeared in my/our Present Moment and we as I have learned been trained to do,  I said “Yes” to it.  My yes had to override my first response, the habitual “nah, too expensive and not worth the bother,” response that I have to many of life’s invitations.

Would love to have friends, family and fellow pilgrims travel with me, us, on this pil;grimage. Such companions make the travel that much easier, that much more fun.  Again, if you want to travel along, please sign up here.

I’ll try to not overwhelm you with musing and simply bring you the news and views from merry old England, and Scotland, and maybe even Iceland, as the journey unfolds. I promise to keep the updates short.

Life is a pilgrimage… bjg

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